who are we
Ethically Sourced

Your search for the perfect diamond starts here. Choose from a stunning and diverse range of premium quality diamonds. In line with our ethical standards, all our diamonds are conflict free. Our suppliers adhere to the Kimberley Process, a globally recognised framework that tracks diamonds from mine to market. Our diamonds are also certified by GIA and IGI.

why are we doing this

Love is in the air. Our mission is to bring joy to the experience of bridal jewellery shopping for the digitally connected. Through high definition 360 degree videos and other great features, you can custom make pieces from the comfort and privacy of your home. Learn, browse and buy in this premium online store, with help from our customer experience team if you need it.

what makes us different
Making A Difference

Our business is known for its mesmerising customised, hand-crafted pieces for those special moments in life. Jewellery is our passion. All our jewellers are master makers, highly trained and experienced in the art of ingenious design. 28 Diamonds also offers a superb repair service. We include returns and refunds within our terms and conditions – along with a lifetime warranty.

Our Legacy

28 Diamonds was the love child of Michael Nguyen. He was born into a long tradition of jewellery makers and manufacturers (his grandpa was a master jeweller with a store in Vietnam before the Viet Cong invaded and claimed most of the jewels). While Michael veered off into IT for some time, he was eventually lured back to the glittery world of diamonds. Determined to continue his family’s jewellery business while bringing it into the modern world through technology, Michael launched 28 Diamonds. Today, he is joined by business partner and tech genius Steven Sluiter.

Our Team

Michael Nguyen
Chief Executive Officer

“You just can't go past diamonds to celebrate true love and commitment. Here at 28 Diamonds, our aim is to empower our customers with exquisite bespoke jewellery that fuses hand-crafted traditions with technology computer-aided design. The results are sparkling!”

Steven Sluiter
Chief Technology Officer

"28 Diamonds is an online diamond retailer with a difference. We use industry-leading technology and cutting-edge solutions to provide customers with a safe, seamless and sophisticated shopping experience."