Engagement Ring Trends We're Seeing in 2021

If the past couple of crazy years have taught us anything, it’s that nothing is more important in our lives than the ones we love. Even a global pandemic can’t stand in the way of love, and it definitely hasn’t stopped those madly in love from rushing down the altar! Now, just like before, couples are paying attention to the latest trends and looking for that perfect engagement ring to propose with. Below we have four popular trends guaranteed to make you fall in love for a second time!

Three Stone

Originating in the beautiful city of Boston and coming back into trend today is the three-stone engagement ring. Commonly known as the ‘Boston Ring’, it features three stones and has three times the shimmer! It is ideal for incorporating & showcasing heirloom diamonds from mothers, grandmothers, or a spouse’s family members. With a bit of care and attention, this can be quite a sentimental style.

Yellow Gold Solitaires

Classic is classic for a reason, and nothing says restrained elegance more than the simple solitaire diamond. A trend we’ve spotted in 2021 however is a simple twist on this classic, with brides opting for yellow gold solitaire engagement ring over the more common platinum and white gold. Quite prevalent in the 80s, it’s quite possible that as daughters are getting married, many are turning to the familiar softer metals worn by their mothers – a lovely touch!

Hidden Halos

Couples are always on the look for ways to include personal and unique touches to their weddings, and the same is true of their engagement rings. One particular detail we’ve seen couples incorporating into their engagement ring designs is a hidden halo. Where regular halo engagement rings surround the main stone with small pavé diamonds to make it appear larger, hidden halos often appear underneath the centre stone along the ring’s basket. The hidden halo is mostly visible to the wearer, and when viewed from the side provide the benefit of seeing more diamonds rather than metal.

Fancy Cut

We’ve noticed a trend with brides-to-be shifting away from traditional rings styles. Opting instead for fancier diamond cuts & unique styles, this is a great way to incorporate one’s personal story. With couples always looking for ways to stand out or display their unique love, the multitude of fancy diamond cuts out there are a great way to do this! Amongst these we have the oval, pear, emerald, and marquise shapes – all beautiful but far less traditional. While the pear shape was quite prevalent last year, this year we see oval shapes growing in popularity. Found in three-stone, halo, and even in coloured stones, oval cut diamonds are the fashionable shape of the year!