Keep Your Engagement Ring’s Sparkle with our Three Expert Tips For Cleaning Your Diamond Ring

Quite often the most expensive piece of jewellery you’re likely to own; your engagement ring deserves to be treated right! Below we’ll walk you through all you need to know to keep your engagement ring in excellent condition!.

Whether your engagement ring features a 50-carat diamond, is a beloved heirloom passed down for generations, or was simply bought at a modest jewellery store, you’ll be sure to cherish it forever. With how frequently it’s going to be worn though, it’s likely to get a little dirty as it accompanies you through the minutiae of everyday life. So we talked to the experts to find out the best way to store, protect, and clean your engagement ring.

Although meant to last a lifetime, it’s still possible for your diamond ring to appear dull over time.

Skin oils, cosmetics, perfumes, and a multitude of other factors can all wear down your ring over time, and scratches may even appear on the band.

Not to worry though! Our tips below, sourced from expert jewellers, can prevent this from happening to your ring.

While there are many things you could do to maintain the clean new look of your ring (and avoid having to get it repaired at a jewellers), the three key elements below are a great start.


Let’s start with the simplest element: where you keep your ring.

Ideally you should store your ring in a clean & dust-free location. The easiest solution is often the box the ring came in. Alternatively, a jewellery box with a soft lining is a fantastic solution.

The impact of light and temperature is often overlooked despite their ability to change the appearance of many everyday items over time. It’s best to store your ring at room temperature, and keep it away from direct sunlight.

Having seen people’s jewellery boxes, a common mistake people make is storing all their jewellery together. All jewellery should be stored separately.

According to our experts it’s best to avoid placing your brand new engagement ring with your other jewellery. Any old tarnished jewellery, such as a gold chain, may transfer their tarnish to your new diamond ring. Conversely, the hardness of your diamond is likely to scratch other metals.


Know when to remove it

Your heart may tell you to wear your ring 24/7, but there are definitely some occasions where you’re better off taking it off and storing it.

Our expert diamond jewellers recommend removing it prior to getting dressed, and wearing it again after you have finished getting ready.

The key is to put it on last, after you’ve done everything else. The point behind this is to keep the ring away from any products such as aftershave, make-up, perfume, and hair products, all of which can all damage it.

Another recommendation is to never wear your ring while in the bath or shower, or while washing your hands.

It’s best for the ring if it’s not submerged in water, and if it avoids products such as shampoos and shower gels.

Vigorous outdoor activities such as exercise, gardening, and swimming are best kept ring-free as well.

The experts say that chlorinated water can negatively affect the ring by causing metal erosion, while saltwater tends to be corrosive to jewellery.

Exercise poses less of a risk; however body moisture can definitely dull your ring’s shine over time. Additionally, depending on what exercise you’re engaged in, you may be risking scratching or chipping your ring during a workout.

Other outdoor activities involving your hands, such as gardening, are off-limits due to the risk of abrasive items like small rocks damaging the appearance of your engagement ring.

Depending on the damage caused, it can be quite costly to repair. Unfortunately, in some instances damage may be irreversible.

Clean it

Our experts recommend having your engagement ring cleaned at least every six months (twice a year). This can be done either by a professional, or by yourself, and will keep your ring looking new for longer.

If the thought of getting your ring professionally cleaned sounds like too much of a hassle, you can do an effective job cleaning it yourself in your own home.

Professional cleaners are recommended for optimal results, and strongly suggested when dealing with antique rings. However it’s also possible to use simple home remedies to maintain your ring’s shine.

Regardless of what metal your ring is, it’s best to avoid abrasive materials while cleaning as they can introduce unwanted scratches.

Be sure to use gentle pressure as forceful cleaning could instead cause more damage.

How to clean a diamond engagement ring

In a small bowl mix a mild liquid detergent with some warm water.

Using a small soft brush gently brush the ring with the solution, being careful not to scratch the diamond or metal band.

When complete rinse thoroughly under water before patting dry with a lint-free soft cloth. If rinsing in a sink or basin, be sure the plug is closed!

To keep your jewellery sparkling, use a quick-dip liquid jewellery cleaner.

How to clean gold metal

Any light tarnish present on your gold rings can easily be cleaned using a similar warm soapy water mix and a soft brush. Gentle brushing with a soft old toothbrush will suffice. Rinse well under cool water before carefully drying using your lint-free soft cloth.