30 days free resizing

Despite all of our best intentions, sometimes a measured or reported ring size simply isn’t correct. We would not want any customer to be unable to enjoy their 28 Diamonds ring for any reason, no matter where the mistake might have been made. Therefore we offer a resizing service which is completely free if requested within 30 days of your order being shipped.

free resizing

The resizing process

When a ring is resized it is cut (typically opposite the stone setting), and a small amount of metal will either be added or removed to make the ring itself larger or smaller. It is possible that your ring may be slightly thicker or thinner when completed. Such differences are usually extremely subtle, and are nit typically noticeable even upon close inspection.

Resizing quality control

Before we return your resized ring, we will inspect it carefully to ensure that it meets our high standards in all ways, and that it exactly matches the size that you have requested.