Selecting your shape


This popular diamond is entirely round in shape and shines brightly when of high quality. Sometimes, round diamonds are referred to as “brilliant cut”. A round diamond will never date because the cut is traditional so it is a good investment. It is also a beautiful shape stone for an engagement ring, especially if it is to be a surprise because it suits most women’s fingers.


Similar to a round diamond, an oval is elongated at the top and bottom therefore giving it more length. It is also a very sparkly shape, and if you’re looking for a larger looking diamond, the oval is a great choice because the extra length gives the illusion of a bigger stone. An oval diamond is a more modern version of the round, so it’s the ideal choice if you want to buy a diamond with someone who prefers modern styles.


This diamond is based on the traditional diamond shape except that its edges are lightly curved. It is another shape that often gives the illusion of being a larger stone, because it is elongated. A classical style, it’s the ideal choice for someone with long fingers or who wants a beautiful pendant.


A rectangular shaped stone, the emerald is cut with facets that makes it look raised on each side. When you look at an emerald cut stone from above, it looks as though it is bottomless. However, if choosing an emerald cut, you need a high quality stone because it has fewer facets than a round or an oval diamond meaning it doesn’t sparkle as brightly.


Designed for romantics everywhere, the heart is just as it sounds; heart shaped. It is not an easy shape to cut so is often more expensive. There are lots of variants; short hearts, long hearts, wide hearts and slim hearts but whichever you choose, it’s the perfect stone to declare your love!


This is an extremely popular shape diamond and a best-seller. It’s a square shape with pointed corners and is exceptionally dazzling, particularly if it has good colour and clarity. This shape works perfectly as an engagement ring, necklace or set into diamond stud earrings.


The cushion shape diamond is just as the name suggests. It’s quite flat and has soft corners, yet it is still square. Sometimes it is referred to as a “pillow shape” (especially in the USA). It is another very brightly shining stone and a premium cushion cut will dazzle magnificently.


This diamond is a fairly new shape. It looks a lot like an emerald cut as it is very faceted and raised, however it is not rectangular in shape. Rather, it is a square shape stone. The Asscher is very much noted for its dazzling brilliance and is the ideal modern shape for a contemporary woman.


This is a traditional shape diamond and has the added benefit of being able to be worn either way round. It is rounded and tapers to a point at the bottom (or top, depending on how you wear it), hence the pear shape. It is a dazzling stone and another great shape to choose if you want the illusion of a larger diamond because it elongates as it tapers.


This is a square or rectangular shape gemstone that has slightly trimmed corners. It is named “Radiant” because it is exceptionally sparkly and a good coloured stone that is clear will really dazzle.